Web Developer

I began learning HTML in the late 90s with an online class. I have built a number of websites using templates. In 2015 I took my first web design class at UCONN and it has greatly enhanced my web development skills. I tought myself PhP and build websites with dynamic content using PhP. You can look at my template-built portfolio located at elitebusinesswebsites.com where you'll also find links to a handful of websites I've built.

I'm interested in continuing to learn more about web development since it's a lot of fun when things work and look good on the web for all to see. I'd like to get into the advanced web design class but there is a wait list, so for now I'll just hope for the best and use the Google method to continue to learn.

computer science

Computer Scientist

The first language I learned to program with was BASIC, but that was about 20 years ago and I don't remember anything. The idea of going back to school to get some formal computer science training began when I was working at a federal government research facility studying the host/pathogen interaction between a virus and the cow. I used a lot of computer software to analyze millions of data points but was relying on someone else's code to run the analysis. The goal is to use my biology background in the field of bioinformatics.

I recently tought myself PhP and that language has made web development a lot more efficient and has given me a tool to develop my website with powerful SEO in mind. Next I plan to learn about MySQL database management so I can develop useful tools for either web development, bioinformatics or business purposes.

bio image

Molecular Biologist

After completing a B.S. in molecular & cell biology, I went immediately into grad school for microbiology. During this time, I had to opportunity to work at the largest research-based pharmaceutical company as a full-time intern. I was able to see the industry side of research and completed my master's research project at Pfizer.

Following my M.S. in microbiology, I had an oportunity to work in a vaccine development group to help develop counter measures to agrobioterrorism (a fancy way of saying to help keep our food safe from foreign threats).

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Disc Jockey

I started DJ'ing in high school doing house parties. This hobby took a break when I left for the Navy right after high school. Immediately after leaving the Navy, I started getting back into DJ'ing and took it much more seriously than a hobby.

In 2002 I started my wedding entertainment business and have been involved in the wedding industry ever since. I've used my past web development skills to maintain my own website. The intro to web design class has helped me quite a bit and I've made many changes to my website.

I love to DJ using vinyl turntables because it's a lot more fun to mix music by hand and the more distinguished wedding guests really appreciate seeing the turntables in action. Here's my wedding productions website.

vet image


I served on active duty in the U.S. Navy for five years. I worked as a hospital corpsman and had advanced training as an operating room technician (OR tech). This job entailed maintaining the operating room including helping surgeons in surgery. I also got to serve along side the Marines to provide medical care for an artillery unit.

In addition to my active duty time in the Navy, I also served in the Army National Guard. I was able to join for one year because of a special program for prior active duty people.

personal image


I have a lot of interests and a lot of dogs at home. We have a blended dog family of four. Everyone gets along great but dinner time is always interesting with four times the excitement level.